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OpPrison Spawn?

DarkNessLord atag posted Jan 8, 15
Hello everyone!

DNC Needs YOUR help!
In the much anticipated OpPrison server we are making a spawn and we need ideas that you want! We have some already but we don't know what the theme the spawn should be, that's where you come in. What do you want the spawn to be/look like and we will pick the best idea and maybe you will get a reward,

Thank you for all your help,
- DNC Staff
[Adm] ItzNight A realistic structure/Build of a(n*) Dragon.
Kittywolf725 i think maybe a giant stone and wood castle prison thing with large gates leading to pvp and a bc mine and also arches a ...
hollowspider You start off in the back of a van walk out there is a path to the middle but it has red carpet on both sides when you w ...
Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are having a wonderful break from school; saying that, i plan to make it even better!
We will be having a 47% off Sale starting now until Christmas day, then we will have a even bigger sale!

OpFactions should be released very soon so look forward to that, We have a lot of features for it so i hope you all enjoy it!

Crashes on all the servers are being worked out, We believe it is caused by the version the server is on so it should be fixed soon!

Have a great Holiday and merry Christmas!

~ Thomas & DNC Staff.
mathewseath@gmail.com op factions is great and i like the concept behind the bedrock but you must have a way to destroy it
modnatioracer18 Excellent! You find out that I have bought something Also I am looking forward to the new server features? One thing; A ...
gooeypenguin How many blocks can architects world edit. i just got it and i want to find out


DarkNessLord atag posted Sep 29, 14
I'm happy to announce the release of OpPrison is coming soon, it has a lot of cool custom features that I hope you all enjoy! Here's what's left to do:
Extras [ x ]
Cells [ x ]
Rank up [  ]
Mob arena [ ✔ ]
Gang wars [ ✔ ]
Arenas [ ✔ ]
Houses [  ]
As you see there isn't much needed Until release. I will be working everyday on this to get it out to you ASAP! Thank you all for all you're nevet ending support and I hope you all enjoy the new OpPrison!
Haleron Any idea when the OPPrison is going to be open?
Chaparr0 Fuck I'm not going to be on go see opprison :'(
Cassy_is_love do u know the date

Servers Reset For 1.8

DarkNessLord atag posted Sep 5, 14
Soon (When there is a more stable version of 1.8) Some servers will have a reset reset (I'm not sure about Prison yet but maybe)! We will also be adding some cooler/more entertaining plugins to improve YOUR gameplay! I hope your not all too mad at this reset, I think it will be really good for the server to have one.
TheEmerald229 In creative, will all the plots reset?
tealom45 Seems Good I would love a new update!
[Adm] Emisnoo cool cant wait


DarkNessLord atag posted Aug 14, 14
I am pleased to announce that we have released a new hub! I hope you all like it more then the last one. But that's not the only thing. OpPrison has switched to being called Prison, That is because I am going to releasing a new Prison server! The server will be released once the build team is done with the mines. This should take a week or two for all 26 mines. There will be a lot of cool features and custom plugins. I hope you all enjoy it when it comes out. Thanks and have a good day! 
Sparta_Kittin64 can i report a grfifer his name is DopplerInfection i have screen shot
Angel ok so I was watching my msges cuz I dont like to be spammed and Some along the lines of Madi spammed me like CRAZY!!!!!! ...
Blubble67 Wait.. What?! are we losing the OP-y ness?? also build that is a epic avitar